Radically open,
player owned,
economically inevitable
metaverse infrastructure


Nifty Island

Our flagship gaming platform and the future capital of the metaverse

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The Forge

An NFT minting dapp, equipped with creator tools and templates built for metaverse builders


A hub for the inventory and incentives that power the nyftverse. A place to sell nfts and monetize your metaverse creations.


A crypto wallet built for gaming. Bring your nfts, wearables, and avatar wherever you play. Earn rewards and acquire nfts across the metaverse.


Our Mission Statement

Gaming is about to undergo a phase change from walled gardens to an open ended universe powered by new models of digital ownership. We at nyft intend to be the catalyst for that change.

Avatars and game assets ought to flow freely from game to game and persist forever in time. Games should not be small, isolated worlds but extensions of one infinite metaverse.

Existing gaming companies are stuck in old, extractive paradigms that view players as sources of cash rather than fountains of creativity.

Players and communities are the lifeblood of games. They are what make games great.

Game economies ought to be open to all and built for the benefit of those who contribute to their success. Crypto enabled incentives and ownership models will set the preconditions for dramatically more complex and generative digital worlds.

Welcome to the nyftverse. Join us.