Networking Unity Dev

Full-Time | Remote

Nyft is a web3 native gaming studio, building the future of the metaverse. We’re a tight-knit crew with high conviction in and commitment to what we’re building. If you’re looking for a real challenge, adventure and comradery, join us. We make big commitments to our team members and make big asks in return. We believe the best path to success is to have your soul completely in the game.

We are looking for a senior networking Unity developer. Tasks include implementing/optimizing hit detection, seamless host migration, interest management, serialization, delta compression, client-side prediction. Required experience includes application framework development, UDP networking, multiplayer game development, and working with tree structures. Experience with intermediate language and code generation would also be a huge plus. Clean code & architecture habits are also really important to us!

If this sounds like you, reach out! We’re excited to meet you.

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